Christ is Among Us! He is and Always Shall be!


Please Notice the Schedule Change for the Week of 12/08

There Will Not Be a Divine Liturgy on Monday 12/09

The St. Elizabeth News for the Week of 12/08







Our Family


Our Parish has many organization and opportunities for all to learn about and grow in their Orthodox Faith. Above all individual organizations we are first and foremost a family, and therefore work together for the growth of the Orthodox Church in our community. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, and we, the members of His Church are the body. So as members of the Body of Christ we create a family; as such our Church doesn’t just function as a family, but in reality forms a family in Jesus Christ. 



Some of our various groups within our family unit include...



  • The Parish Council, which meets regularly for the Administrative needs of our Family.
  • The Parish Choir which sings each Sunday.
  • The Altar Society, which serves as an arm of the Parish and provides for many philanthropic and bonding opportunities. 
  • Adult Classes about the Orthodox Faith, which meet as posted in The St. Elizabeth News.
  • Sunday School, for the youth of the Parish which meets every Sunday after Liturgy.
  • The St. Elizabeth Youth, for the Children and young Adults of the Parish to bond together as Orthodox Christians and learn about their faith, while making sure to have fun at the same time!






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